25 December 2006


T'is the season to be jolly ... and rightfully so. This is the period of year when we cross the longest night of the year and come into the beginning of longer days. Spring, the metaphor for REBIRTH and HOPE, is just around the corner. The commemoration of this transition, was known (many years before the the birth of Christ) as: "Solstice". Christianity adapted this Solstice celebration to commemorate the birth of Christ -- and along with the time of year, they also included many of the Solstice traditions. Some of these traditions are the bringing into the home of pine greens, the giving of presents, and enjoying lavish meals with extended families -- knowing that new supplies of food would soon be replenished with the coming of Spring.

23 December 2006

Hello World

This is Alex's first blog post (well ... posted by Peter).